7 Top Captiva Island Restaurants Not To Miss!

Captiva Island Restaurants

Captiva Island boasts many fun and interesting places to eat. Whether you’d like surf and turf, classic lobster rolls, bacon-wrapped shrimps, key lime pie, or any other food, there is something for everyone on the island. Below are some of the top Captiva Island restaurants that check all the boxes on service, ambiance, and an amazing variety of foods.

Doc Ford’s

Located off Tarpon Bay Road, this restaurant serves some of the best mojitos in Sanibel and Captiva. It also serves snapper, Yucatan shrimp, gulf shrimp spiced with garlic and chilies, and a roasted half chicken sprinkled with Cuban chimichurri. Their Key lime juice is also great. While there, you can order a local beer.

Keylime Bistro

The Keylime Bistro is at the center of Captiva Island. It is located at the end of Andy Rosse Lane at the intersection with the Captiva Drive. It is open to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you love seafood, the Keylime is one of the best Captiva Island restaurants for that. Inside, the restaurant features a laid-back tropical décor. Their signature crab cake benedict is a delicious seafood breakfast meal.

The Mucky Duck

This is one of the oldest restaurants in Captiva Island. It is located near the Whitman and Andy Ross Lanes near the beach. It holds the history of the island as seen in the photos and the memorabilia inside. Some of the best foods in the restaurant include the bacon-wrapped shrimp, the scallops, and the surf and turf.

Bubble Room

The food in the Bubble Room is amazing, but the inside attracts more people to the restaurant than the food. The knickknacks and the antiques accommodate the multiple themes of the restaurant. The restaurant is bright and is full of fun, making it an ideal place to start or end your vacation. This family restaurant has the best desserts on Captiva Island, and the portions are sizable too.

Old Captiva House Restaurant

True to its name, the restaurant embodies the history of the island. Inside, the restaurant has a Southern Belle feeling to it, making it charming and captivating. The 1931 restaurant not only serves history but also scallops stuffed with lobster, Chilean sea bass, seafood lasagna, and shrimp cocktail appetizer. If you are traveling with children, this might be a great place for you.

The Green Flash

This is another old restaurant that has been in operation since 1950. From the restaurant, you can see the Intracoastal Waterway, Buck Key, and the Pine Island Sound. Located southwest of Marker 38, the restaurant offers steamed seafood, shrimp bisque, surf and turf, and shrimp tacos. It is a great place for lovers of seafood.

Cantina Captiva

This restaurant serves Southwestern and Mexican foods. Its homemade guacamole makes its lunch and dinner special. They make the guacamole daily with warm tortilla chips and pico de gallo. The burritos and the diablo shrimp are some of the most ordered foods here.

More Captiva Island Restaurants

There are many more amazing Captiva Island restaurants including the Latte Da Coffee Shop & Deli, Sunshine Seafood Café, and RC Offers Island Eats among others.

7 Top Captiva Island Restaurants Not To Miss!


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